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What is the Leadfoot Rally:

The Leadfoot Rally is the Olympics of Motorsports, only no Communist children are snatched from their families and forced to train 14 hours a day in preparation.

The Leadfoot Rally allows drivers and teams to compete in all 5 major forms of motorsports:

  • Drag Racing
  • Road Racing
  • Paved Oval
  • Dirt Oval
  • Rally Racing (Leadfoot Rumble Rally)

The Leadfoot Rally is an actual door-to-door racing, mulit-motorsports competition. Winners are awarded for each individual event with the overall Leadfoot Rally Champion crowned the best driver in motorsports…….the “Ultimate Shoe”.

Why the Leadfoot Rally Was Born:

Leadfoot Rally was conceived to determine the "real" motorsports champions. Drivers of all disciplines (road racing, circle track, rally, drag racing) claim they are the best drivers but none have every truly put their skills to the test. With the Leadfoot Rally it is time to put up or shut up. Can the asphalt junkies perform on dirt, can the circle track racers turn right, or can the drag racers turn at all.

Leadfoot Rally Champions are able to win at every form of racing which makes them the best drivers in motorsports…….….the Ultimate Shoes.

With most other sports it is easy to experience that sport as a participant. It is simple to join a softball team, a flag football team or play in an amateur golf tournament. Unfortunately you cannot cruise down to the local sports park after work and join your buddies for a 20 lap road race. At least not legally! While there are grassroots racing leagues all over the country and across all forms of motorsports you usually have to settle on one form due to time and budget constraints. Even grassroots racing can get pretty darn expensive if you are trying to keep up with the trust fund kids and their endless supply of fresh tires and motors. Leadfoot Rally was created to give everyone the opportunity to experience the incredible motorsports rush without breaking the bank.

How Classes are broken out:

There are 2 classes in the Leadfoot Rally. The Recession Racing Class and the Leadfoot Unlimited Class.

The Recession Racing Class is open to any non all-wheel drive/4X4 production automobile currently valued at $2,500 or below. The Leadfoot Unlimited Class is open to any production vehicle, any drive and any value. The Recession Class is real, white knuckle racing but it is also about the experience and fun all without breaking the bank. The Unlimited Class is wide open, balls out, who’s got the best racing skills without the cost saving vehicle restrictions of the Recession Class. Both classes race during a Leadfoot Rally but in separate races and are never on the track at the same time.

What is the Competition/Race Format:

Asphalt Oval:
Hot laps, Qualifying and Feature Race (additional B Feature and C Feature for Recession Racing Class)

Dirt Oval:
Hot laps, Qualifying and Feature Race (additional B Feature and C Feature for Recession Racing Class)

Road Race:
Hot laps, Qualifying and Feature Race (additional B Feature for Recession Racing Class)

Leadfoot Rumble Rally:
Non-consecutive qualifying laps, head to head elimination rounds on a traditional ladder

Drag Race:
Non-consecutive time trials, Bracket Racing on a traditional ladder

Please see Rules for complete Competition/Race Format details

The Spirit of Leadfoot:

During the 2009 Leadfoot Rally the Spirit of Leadfoot was born. Don’t worry, we don’t have incense burning or power crystals hanging from the rear view mirrors. What we do have is a series that is truly by the racers for the racers. This philosophy became known as the Spirit of Leadfoot.

The main goal of this event is to have as much fun as legally possible. While everyone wants to win, no one wants to have a bad experience. If a competitor’s ride breaks down and they can find another vehicle that fits the rules you can drive that car (as long as your competitors vote for it). In 2009 we actually had competitors borrowing cars from other competitors to run during time trials as theirs were being repaired. If competitors feel that 35 laps are too much on a certain track due to tire wear we put it to a vote and take 5 off. If drivers want an extra 5 laps we vote there as well.

While we definitely have rules to keep the competition fair and safe, the racers are the ones who make this event a success.


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