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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can compete in the Leadfoot Rally Racing Series?

A: Any driver over the age of 16 whose vehicle meets the rule requirements (drivers under the age of 18 will need parental consent).

Q: Is prior automotive racing experience required to enter?

A: Absolutely not! While we welcome amateur and professional drivers from all forms of motorsports, it is not a requirement. In keeping with the Spirit of Leadfoot, drivers with experience in each style of racing offer tips and suggestions before each event.

Q: What kind of racing makes up a Leadfoot Rally?

A: Leadfoot Rally drivers compete in production based racecars in all 5 major forms of Motorsports: Drag Race, Road Race, Asphalt Circle Track, Dirt Circle Track, Rally (Leadfoot Rumble Rally)

Q: What is the Leadfoot Rumble Rally?

A: In a regular Rally or Rallycross race, drivers race against the clock. In a Leadfoot Rumble Rally, 2 drivers race head to head with the first driver across their finish line declared the winner. A Leadfoot Rumble Rally track is a dirt (or possibly mixed surface) loop with no jumps, many turns and some straight-aways. One car will start on the track at a start/finish line and the other driver will start half way around the track on another start/finish line. Both drivers will take off at the same time and the driver that crosses his finish line first after 2 laps wins. The winner will move on to the next bracket while the loser is out (the eliminations work just like drag racing). (Please see Rules section for complete details)

Q: In 2009, the Clunkerball Run was one of the Leadfoot Rally events. Where is it for 2010?

A: It turns out that quite a few of the competitors in the 2009 event may have run slightly over the posted speed limits resulting in a 4 state APB for our competitors. Numerous drivers received speeding tickets and we even had some jail time served. If we want to keep our motorsports insurance no Clunkerball in 2010.

Q: Are teams allowed?

A: Yes, Leadfoot Rally Drivers can compete by themselves or on teams. The number of drivers is entirely up to you and your teammates; however, only one driver can compete in the race at each track (Drag Race, Road Race, etc). Teams can have more drivers experience each form of racing, by switching out drivers for practice, timed sessions, qualifying and brackets.

Q: Do cars compete by class?

A: Yes, the Leadfoot Rally has 2 classes, the original Recession Racing Class and our new addition, Leadfoot Unlimited.

Q: What is the difference between the Recession Racing Class and the Leadfoot Unlimited Class?

A: The Recession Racing Class is open to any non all-wheel drive production automobile currently valued at $2,500 or below. The Leadfoot Unlimited Class is open to any production vehicle, any drive and any value. The Recession Class is real, white knuckle racing but it is also about the experience and fun. The Unlimited Class is wide open, balls out, who’s got the best racing skills without the cost saving vehicle restrictions of the Recession Class.. Both classes race during a Leadfoot Rally but in separate races and are never on the track at the same time.

Q: How is Recession Racing car value determined?

A: Value is based on street value. This is what it costs the average person to buy this car as it sits from classifieds or private party. As it sits means with all performance upgrades/modifications (all performance upgrades/modifications will be based on new retail values even if you purchased them used). $2,500 value is not based on what you paid your mother, your buddy that owns a car lot or what you paid at a police auction. We will use a combination of our automotive expertise and the 2010 Kelly Blue Book consumer values (www.kbb.com) where applicable (Kelly Blue Book values will be based on private party purchase in zip code 80601, your cars actual miles, your cars transmission, no options and fair condition). (Please see Rules section for complete details)

Q: What happens if a car is entered in the Recession Racing Class and it is determined that the car is valued at more than $2,500?

A: If it is determined your car is worth more than $2,500 but below $3,500 you will be allowed to run in the Recession Racing Class but you will lose 5 championship points for every $50 over the $2,500 maximum. If it is determined your vehicle is valued at more than $3,500 or violates the Recession Class rules, welcome to the Leadfoot Unlimited Class (Please see the Rules section for complete details).

Q: Why is there no dollar cap on the Unlimited Class?

A: Because its the Unlimited Class. We all know the guy whose motto is “in anything besides a drag race I can smoke most Ferrari’s in my Evo.” Well tell him here is the chance to prove it. With the variety of events, strategy is the name of the game when it comes to vehicle selection and setup. 500+ horsepower is not necessarily an advantage in all of these events, nor does Italian engineering mean you will dominate. A rally car may dominate on the dirt but how will it be on the road course and the circle tracks?

Q: Are racecar modifications allowed?

A: That depends on class. In the Recession Racing Class some modifications are allowed but no internal engine modifications are allowed. You can rebuild a motor but it must be built as close to factory specs as possible. In the Unlimited Class modifications are the name of the game (Please see Rules section for complete details).

Q: Can a car be entered in the both classes?

A: Yes, as long as your car meets the rules for the Recession Racing class and you are also up to the challenge of the Leadfoot Unlimited Class.

Q: Can I race my “$500” car from another series?

A: Yes, your car must meet all Leadfoot Rally rules requirements and should also be very competitive. In fact, the car that finished second in 3 of the 2009 Inaugural Leadfoot Rally races was a “$500” car from 24 Hours of Lemons.

Q: Can I race my Rally, NASA or SCCA car?

A: Yes, almost every NASA or SCCA car would be legal to run in the Leadfoot Unlimited Class. Some cars in the spec classes will be able to enter in the Recession Racing class (please see rules for details).

Q: Will my car be damaged?

A: Yes and No. While racing is dangerous and equipment is always at risk, Leadfoot Rallys are not demolition derbies. Aggressive driving will not be tolerated and drivers that intentionally cause contact and/or damage will be removed from the event. All tracks we compete on are professionally built for safety and the Rumble Rally race will not have any jumps.

Q: Am I going to need 20 sets of tires?

A: No, most competitors will be able to finish an entire Leadfoot Rally on the same set of tires and still have tons of tread left. Right fronts will wear faster on the Circle Tracks but the Road Course, Drag and Rumble Rally are pretty easy on tires. Of course, you should consider bringing at least a few spares.

Q: How much does it cost to enter a Leadfoot Rally?

A: The cost to enter in The Leadfoot Unlimited class or the Recession Racing class is $700-$750 (includes car registration and 2 pit passes). If a driver enters both classes, the total entry fee is $1000-$1,050. (Entry Fees vary due to higher operating costs at some locations; Please see individual event details for exact entry fee cost)

Q: What is included with the entry fee?

A: 1 car entered into 1 class at the Leadfoot Rally, 2 Pit Passes, free camping at most events, and of course.... the time of your life.

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: Everyone over the age of 12 will need a Pit Pass (see individual event details for costs). Anyone driving in a Leadfoot Rally will also need a competition license ($10.00 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project; please see below FAQ). Merchandise and food will also be available at most tracks.

Q: How do I get my Leadfoot Rally Competition License?

A: You will need to make a $10.00 or more, tax deductible contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project. Go to www.woundedwarriorproject.org and click “Donate Online” and then select “Donate in Honor or Memory”; type Leadfoot Rally in the Honoree space. Print out your final receipt and have it with you at the Leadfoot Rally registration. Or, you can make your donation at registration (personal check only). Competition License is good for 1 year.

Q: How much does it cost for Spectators or Crew?

A: Everyone (Drivers, Crew or Spectators) attending a Leadfoot Rally event or race will need a pit pass. Pit Passes give unlimited access to all events and races at a Leadfoot Rally. (see individual event details for costs)

Q: How many cars can enter?

A: Recession Racing class is limited to 60 cars and the Leadfoot Unlimited Class is limited to 20. Spots are on a first come basis; the first 60 or 20 to pay are in. (Please see individual event details to register)

Q: What are the prizes?

A: Finishing points from each race are totaled. The driver/team with the most points at the end of the Leadfoot Rally will be crowned the “Ultimate Shoe”. Final podium finishers for the Recession Racing class will get $1,000 for 1st, $500 for 2nd, $250 for 3rd. Final podium finishers for the Leadfoot Unlimited class will get $1,000 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, $150 for 3rd. There will also be the Patriot Award (driver/team that raises the largest Wounded Warrior donation), Ultimate Squirrels Award (team that has the worst performance; Recession Class only), Leadfoot Lampoon Award (team with the best theme; determined by driver vote), P.O.S Perseverance Award (the team that did the most with the least), Leadfoot Leader Award (like the Spirit of the Leadfoot but is determined by Leadfoot Rally staff), and the coveted driver awarded Spirit of the Leadfoot.

Q: Are all the races at one location?

A: We wish but a Leadfoot Rally is made up of all major forms of motorsports and there are very few facilities that have all 5 types of tracks. Some track to track travel will be required but it is done caravan style and is a part of the fun.

Q: Where do we stay?

A: Camping is available at most tracks and is strongly encouraged. Camping is included with the entry fee at most events, however, there may be extra charges for hook ups and other services. For those that don’t have RVs or don’t want to tent it, there are recommended hotels for each event. Please see individual event details for additional information.

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