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Kurt Hansen is the 2010 Leadfoot Rally Celebrity Driver4-1-2010


Race Central's Kurt Hansen To Be The Official Celebrity Driver In The Olympics Of Motorsports…The Leadfoot Rally


(Newport Beach, CA - April 1st, 2010 ) - Kurt Hansen, of Race Central TV & Radio, the premier home for all forms of Motorsports in North America and around the world, will push his Wounded Warrior Project Recession Racecar to the limits in the 2010 Leadfoot Rally, Pueblo ,CO August 4th - 7th.

"For decades, drivers from all race disciplines have argued that their motorsport requires the most talent and skill." says Leadfoot Rally founder Chuck Stovall Jr. "With Leadfoot Rally, it's time to Put-up or Shut-up". Stovall went on to say, "It's like the Olympics of Motorsports. Drivers compete in all 5 major forms of auto racing, all in the quest to be crowned the true multi-motorsports champion, The Ultimate Shoe"
Leadfoot Rallys are 4 days of head-to-head racing that includes a Drag Race, Road Race, Dirt Oval Race, Asphalt Oval Race and an Off-road Rally. Drivers compete in production, mostly stock automobiles in either the Recession Racing Class or the Leadfoot Unlimited Class. Recession Racecars are any mass-produced, non-all wheel drive automobile that is valued under $2,500. "Basically they are Clunkers with Cages, and I am looking forward to punishing mine come August" says Leadfoot Celebrity Driver, and Race Centrals Executive Producer and Host, Kurt Hansen. Leadfoot Unlimited Racecars are any mass-produced automobile and are modified for racing. "The Unlimited Class is more Run what you Brung" continued Hansen. "Unlimited cars are way faster and share almost identical rules to the top classes in SCCA, NASA and World Rally Championship." 

During the white knuckle, wide open competition, Leadfoot Celebrity Driver, Kurt Hansen will represent the Wounded Warrior Project. "I am honored to represent the Wounded Warrior Project in my Recession Racecar and hopefully give back to those who have sacrificed so much." said Hansen.

The 2010 Colorado Leadfoot Rally will take place in the rocky mountain town of Pueblo, Colorado (2 hours south of Denver).  For additional information on the Leadfoot Rally go to www.leadfootrally.com or call 303-396-3759.


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Leadfoot Unlimited Class Added 12-5-2009

Wheelman Productions announced today that they are adding the Leadfoot Unlimited class to Leadfoot Rallys.

"We added the Leadfoot Unlimited Class so cars valued at more than $2,500 could compete" Said Leadfoot Rally president and founder, Chuck Stovall Jr." We also wanted to give those with racecars from other series the chance to prove they can win in other forms of motorsports."

"We all know the guy whose motto is in anything besides a drag race and I can smoke most Ferrari’s in my Evo. Well tell him here is the chance to prove it." Said race director Mike Dudleston.

The Leadfoot Unlimited Class is fielded by racecars with any drive, any value and are usually raced by 1 driver. The Leadfoot Recession Class is real racing but it is more about the experience and fun. The Leadfoot Unlimited Class is wide open, balls out, who’s got the best skills racing that is all about competition and determining the Ultimate Shoe

The Leadfoot Rally is the only automotive racing series which combines all of the forms of major motorsports ran by other series.
  1. Drag Racing
  2. Road Racing
  3. Paved Oval
  4. Dirt Oval
  5. Rally Racing

Competitors pilot their Recession Racing or Leadfoot Unlimited production streetcars through door to door competition in the pursuit to be awarded the highest honor in motorsports, the “Ultimate Shoe”

In 2009 the inaugural Leadfoot Rally was held in Colorado with Brad “Shoe”Ames taking top honors.

For more information please visit www.leadfootrally.com

Leadfoot Rally Moves West 10-25-2009

The Leadfoot Rally Racing Series announced today that they will run an event in California sometime late 2010. The Leadfoot Rally is the only automotive racing series which combines all of the forms of major motorsports ran by other series.

  1. Drag Racing
  2. Road Racing
  3. Paved Oval
  4. Dirt Oval
  5. Rally Racing
Competitors and their cars compete head to head and door to door to be awarded the highest honor in motorsports, “Ultimate Shoe” In 2009 the inaugural Leadfoot Rally was held in Colorado with Brad “Shoe”Ames taking top honors.

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