Apr 19 2010

Why Leadfoot Rally

The question has been asked over and over. Leadfoot Rally….what the Hell is it, why are you doing it and why should I race in it? The answer is so profound that it will forever change the world of motorsports and driving as we know it. Well, that is exactly what we said when we thought up this crazy idea (at the time our bellies were stuffed with In & Out burgers and a case of beer).

Get racers together and the conversation turns to a lie about how much they have in their car. If they are fast, they low ball the amount. If they are slow, they always have 4 times more in their car than the truth. Then the conversation always turns to driving skill. Those that have it usually try to give the credit to the car, those that don’t have it try to blame the car. Racing chatter usually ends with which form of racing takes the most talent. Road racers say that circle track drivers don’t know how to turn right. Circle track drivers say that drag racers don’t know how to turn at all. Dirt oval drivers say asphalt is just for getting to the races. Drag racers say they are the only ones that can handle horsepower. Rally drivers say that they all suck because rally drivers don’t get to practice and their race track is constantly changing.

Now there is a series to prove the best drivers. The Leadfoot Rally. It is the ultimate motorsports competition made up of all major forms of motorsports. Drivers compete head to head in a Drag Race, Road Race, Dirt Oval, Asphalt Oval and Off-road Rally (Leadfoot Rumble Rally). A real driver can race all forms. The winner of the Leadfoot Rally is truly the best driver in motorsports, the Ultimate Shoe. If you win in the Leadfoot Rally, you can win in anything.

So why are we doing this. Besides the fact that Mike Dudleston (Race Director) and I are trying to recapture our youth, and somehow convince people that we were actually legitimate racers, we are also wanted to create a platform for racing that anyone could do. We were tried of seeing trust fund babies and kids with famous dads being the only ones getting on the track. In the Leadfoot Rally, people can quit wishing and start racing. Anyone can experience pre-race butterflies, door to door adrenaline and your mind slowing speed down. As long as you are 16 years old and not wanted by the law, you can race. Get a Recession Racing car (any mostly stock non-awd car that is valued under $2,500) and go have fun. We don’t want to alienate trust fund babies though so there is the Leadfoot Unlimited Class (any car, any drive with performance modifications).

So why should you or your team enter the Leadfoot Rally? First off because its fun. Second because you know you want to and third, because you need to truly test your driving skills. Whether you are a bench racer or a seasoned SCCA vet, how will you really know your ability until you put it to the test?

Some people just don’t get the Leadfoot Rally. They are too blinded by years in the same motorsport and the average racers they want to emulate. Still many others are just too stubborn to admit that another form or racing takes talent and could be fun. Fun! That’s the reason everyone gets into racing. Too many racers have lost sight of that; not Leadfoot Rally drivers. If you are one of those that gets Leadfoot Rally, then what are you waiting for? Get a car, get a helmet, strap in and Hammer Down!

Chuck Stovall Jr.

Founder Leadfoot Rally